Avoiding Nightmare at The Event Festivals

Have you heard news that many people lose their money and stuff in music event? It may be typical news that we’ve always heard about crime in music event. Because there are thousand people attend music event and we never know who they are.

In music event or music festival, you might see a lot of security staffs, stewards, free property lock-ups, and CCTV cameras to prevent any crime happen. But again, we never know how thieves and pickpockets work, right?

So, to protect yourself against theft, we have some of great tips to do. Let’s dig in!

Stay vigilant

Thieves and pickpocket will look to prey on easy targets. So, be aware of your surroundings and be alert to what is going on around you. If you’re with your friends, stay close to them. Also, avoid walking alone and using your expensive smartphone at the same time. Don’t try to display your valuable stuff. It might attract the wrong sort of attention.

Leave your valuables at home

If you have an expensive jewel, watch, smartphone, and other stuff, please leave such items at home. Don’t wear it to music event because it will attract thieves and pickpockets. But if you need watch and smartphone, just bring your zipped bag, carry it close to the body and to the front of you. So, when you feel like “spied” from suspicious person, just put your watch and smartphone into your bag.

Be cashless

Maybe this is the best idea we had to prevent yourself against theft. Instead of bring cash, just take the credit card you need.

But nowadays there is more promising solutions for the problems above and the numerous nightmares that we could face on the big event festivals, as the one being introduce by PouchNation. The near field communication system, NFC wristband offering single solutions, one tap for all. The tech start to bring the new wave on the event management solution from the problems as mentioned above.